Geometry MiniFarm Math Challenge • May 2018

Ok Students here’s this weekend’s Math Challenge!


Mr. Beyer’s MiniFarm is a polygon. It’s not a square or a rectangle. It has 4 sides that measure 20′ x 40′ x 50′ x 45′

Can u draw and label the MiniFarm with a pencil on paper? What shape is it?

A. Quadrilateral

B. Rhombus

C. Trapezoid

D. Square

Remember it can be more then one choice.

Part 2

Measure the perimeter of the MiniFarm.

Show your work to explain how u figured out your Answer.

Bonus question

Can you find the area?

Bonus Mr. Beyer corrected me as always and said the posts are about 15′ apart how does that change your answers? What’s the perimeter now? The area?

Show your work and explain how u found ur answer!

Good luck & thanks for completing this weekend’s Geometry Math Challenge

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