Library books are the best authentic lit! | Podcast Episode 3 coming soon!

My favorite thing this year by far has been watching my students devour library books with a passion…

I would take out 20-30 books a month related to topics we were reading or new books my local library got in or anything I saw on the shelves on a Saturday afternoon I thought my class would enjoy!

I love my local library even though it’s pretty tiny, it is an amazing resource!!!

We have the best interlibrary loan program. You can get almost any book you order! Pretty much the only ones you couldn’t get are ones that are created on Amazon’s CreateSpace Platform or self-published.

Children’s young adult non-fiction like a book about turtles, or dogs, or trees or gardening! I had a Castle book in my fourth, fifth and sixth grade one year was a combination classroom and they loved that CASTLE book.

Audio books, if you haven’t already I highly encourage you to download the Overdrive app immediately, where you can download audio books from your library for free!

She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World

She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World

This year they fought over She Persisted that Chelsey Clinton wrote. They would read with partners, reread them again and again, share the wonder and magic of storytelling at its best!


And when I saw them engaged in this authentic learning my heart smiled:))

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