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So I created these lesson plans to go with the books the Lost Lake and A River Dream by Allen Say.

This is an example of pre-teaching some of the words students would encounter in these books if they are going to read them in school and then write about them. Students are usually able to read words before they can write them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned its that we want to teach students to write using the phonics rules not just by memorizing spelling words. That being said, I believe focused practice of spelling is a an important strategy that is implemented in any quality ELA curriculum.

These lessons are designed for students to have mastered at the end of first grade, but really it doesn’t matter if your child is in 7th grade if they should review these if that is their reading level.  I taught very similar lessons to my fourth grade benchmark students based on the McGraw Hill Wonders Curriculum.

All students learn differently and just need to go at the rate of learning that is correct for them. I just don’t want parents or teachers to think, a kindergartener is likely to have these skills mastered.

These are the lessons for the book A River Dream

Here is a video on how to update your own cards.

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