Logo Design for The Authentic Teacher Podcast and the Authentic Learner Podcast

So I’ve been trying to come up with a log and I ended up with these two cool homemade logos in a hour or so this afternoon!

Authentic Teacher Podcast Apple w/Headphones

A podcast for teachers and educators and anyone interested in learning about best practices in the classroom using authentic culturally relevant lessons and the best teaching practices available today to help students gain confidence and succeed academically.


For students the authentic learner podcast offers fun, music, song, stories and math challenges to help students enjoy learning, practice numbers sense and math problems using the best practices for building fluency, vocabulary and storytelling!

I have already recorded episodes 1-9 of the Authentic Teacher audio blog which is just me reading my blog posts and expanding upon them so far but will include interviews with experts in the field.  And I finished Episode One of the Authentic LEarner today, and have episodes 1-12 already laid out and almost finished too!

To be notified when the podcasts launch sign up here!


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