Now Live On Instagram TV! Check out @MrsJackieBeyer to view our daily lessons to help your students have your best year ever!

Mrs. Jackie Beyer's InstagramTV channel

Now live on Instagram TV

Check out our channel where you can learn how to incorporate your authentic self, your school’s culture, your child’s strengths, and improve your students confidence that they can make all their dreams come true.

Follow us today and start your path to a great education filled with books, music, and most of all fun! We want your students to have their best year ever!

At Authentic Teacher we believe every students should enjoy school, learning, and this amazing 21st century full of technology and opportunity like never before! We love connecting with parents, students, teachers and anyone who likes to learn!

We’re advocates for healthy nutrition, an earth-friendly environment, a quality education, and lots of music, exercise and play in the classroom!

We can be found visiting our local library, neighborhood school, community garden, town’s athletic field and village arts center!

We’ll walk you through the steps to creating healthy, smart, inspired students and leaders! Join us at InstagramTV today and let the journey begin!

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