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So if you haven’t listened to the introductory episode of the audioblog, I talk about the Authentic Teacher was launched after I went to the grocery store one day and a parent said, “I miss you! I miss your Facebook Group! I miss your Weekend Math Challenges”

If you are not on Facebook this might not be for you or maybe you are on Instagram or have another way to communicate through google classroom or even email so some of these might work.



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The Cornerstone: Classroom Management That Makes Teaching More Effective, Efficient, and Enjoyable

The Cornerstone: Classroom Management That Makes Teaching More Effective, Efficient, and Enjoyable 

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Facebook Fridays, I am going to do 52 Facebook Tips for Teachers.

I never put pictures of students in the group, but I would send a parent a private message with a picture of their individual student. I know teachers that had permission slips and posted pictures I could look into finding that down the line. I just never did that.

I did share pictures with parents in private messages if it was just the child, or I knew the parents were friends or relatives and they posted pics of the kids together. And those parents were so appreciative. They loved it!

I am definitely a candid photographer, I don’t spend a lot of time taking pics. I went to school as a photography major way back in the late 80s and my theory was 3 quality pics for every roll of 36 so I just shoot, shoot, shoot and delete all the ones I don’t want.

I also hand students a camera all the time, or the iPad, my phone even at times.

I always have a photographer or video person in my room as a class job. Sometimes 2 jobs sometimes it’s just one. I always say you never know what’s going on in your classroom till you hand a student the camera.

I think students learn from video taping themselves, whether they teach each other, or watch themselves for review.

Starting Your Own Facebook Group

Start with a secret group.

I did find that parents would have to friend me. A lot of parents are on facebook but don’t have phone service so it was the only way to message me. In one district Facebook was blocked from 6am-6pm so it did use a bit of data for me on my cell phone but it was worth it.

I did make it so anyone could add other members but I kept my eye on the pulse and it was never an issue.

I included all sorts of staff at school, specialists, cooks, bus drivers, custodians, TAs, counselors, secretaries, principals, athletic directors, music teachers, librarians, anyone who worked with the students and the students would have an interaction with. Often times these positions are related to students a grandparent, or aunt, or relative.

I also kept parents after the years changed because they would have siblings in the different schools. It was nice to have other teachers and parents because it would say things like on awards day, 4th grade is at 9, 5th grade at 10, 6th grade at 11 or pictures are on this day, or anything that parents needed.

So when you create your group make sure you make the settings a secret group. In the next episode I list the rules I started with.

My description I used when I launched:

Welcome to our Classroom Facebook Group. This group is open to parents/guardians and teachers of students in our classroom. I will post what we are doing in school, homework and important dates and activities.

I will only post pictures of students who’s parents have signed a permission slip. Otherwise we will stick to pictures of artwork and the room or activity etc.

Please make sure to share helpful resources and positive messages :~)

I never had any problems. Never once did I have a problem out of that Facebook group. It only led to increased understanding and building relationships.

  1. Create your group
  2. Tell your parents
  3. Tag them on Facebook if you are already friends. 

So we are at 10 minutes. I think this is a great introductory episode.

I put a picture of the doorway to my classroom for my cover photo.

So here is my call to action to you today. Start a group for your parents, a Facebook group, an Instagram group, Bloomz group, Google Classroom, some kind of place to connect with your group.

I hope you liked todays episode and let me know if I can do anything else to improve your year!

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