Technology Love or Hate? What does the class of 2018 think? | Audioblog Episode 14

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So this weekend (technically I wrote this last spring but I just am posting it finally today) I went to portfolio day at the High School. It’s one of my favorite days of the year because the students always inspire me! They are so young and full of energy and life!

Portfolio Judge

Anyway, the students present a portfolio and there are 3 judges in the room who give them scores and comments. We are given a list of 28 questions like

  • What’s a book that influenced you?
  • If you could change your high school what would it be?
  • Describe an excellent teacher?
  • If you were president what would you do?

But one question surprised me this year:

What is one of the biggest challenges for your generation and what would you do about it? 

What surprised me is how many students said technology, students who didn’t know how to disconnect, and many were against it altogether. This tells me we need to teach our students how to use technology properly.

Facebook for Kids

For years I have wanted to develop a Facebook for kids. One for my students. My private Facebook group for parents is well liked and helps parents keep up on what is going on in the classroom.

Teaching Technology for the 21st Century Learner

I think teaching students and helping them navigate the wide world web safely and properly is what teachers in the 21st century need to strive for. I feel like if we taught them how to build connections in the outer world they wouldn’t have time for bullying. Why would you possibly waste time on negative comments if you were too busy sending out positive comments and building connections with like minded people.

Head Start 

I did spend 2 years at Head Start where they constantly told me your too teacher directed. Let the children choose… But ever since I returned to the regular classroom all I hear is you let the students choose too much. Make the choices for them. Don’t ask them, tell them you’re the teacher….

But why?

Is it because I was born in the middle of the summer of love outside of NYC I feel my students should question authority or follow their instincts?

I feel that they can come up with student directed projects?

Check out this new podcast I just found that focuses on Project Based Learning

The Teach Thought Podcast We Grow Teachers Logo

I feel like education moves like a snail and it frustrates me to no end. This is the 21st century and I feel like this site might be dedicated to my mom but the podcast will be dedicated to Steve Jobs inventor of the iPad with a dream of revolutionizing education.

I might be crazy but I have dreamed for years now of Amtrak cars full of students traveling the country, iPad in Hand, smart board in the front and students completing a semester on the rails.

Sometimes I think I should just write a book kind of like Harry Potter but on the US rail system….


What’s your authentic education dream? Please comment below or share with me on Facebook or Instagram!

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