Best Classroom Facebook Group Posts | Facebook Fridays for Teachers Episode 03

Thanks for joining us on 52 Facebook Tips for Teachers! Our Facebook Friday! We’re already up to episode 03, I talked about starting a Private Secret Facebook Group for Parents, I talked about the power is in the comment but I also read what I had for an opening for my Authentic Teacher Facebook Group.


I would encourage you to get your group up and started, either on Facebook or Bloomz, or in Google Classroom or where ever you are going to host a group and start building positive relationships with your parents and families today!


Authentic Teacher Community Facebook Group

Today I am going to talk about what to post in your group.

Back To School

So it’s back to school time, so you can post all sorts of information about Back To School Night, an open house, what your new schedule will be, activities going on around the building!

Field Trip Coming Up

So here’s an example of what I would do for field trip notifications. I would start by writing my newsletter including the information, and attach a permission slip that they need to sign. But as we know students have activities after school, they go to the track, they leave the permission slip on the bus at the football field.

Be Positive

I always see teachers complaining I’ve sent it home 3Xs how can I make sure it comes back. I can’t remember where I saw it, if it was Angela Watson I think in one of her books or podcast episodes, that one thing you don’t want to do is get upset about a parent who doesn’t return the forms. Just email them a copy, send home another one, make it easy. You never know what is going on in their lives, give them some grace and think the best.

So here’s a great example. If you post the permission slip in the Facebook Group they can just handwrite their own on a piece of notebook paper or stationary. As long as it has their signature and all the important information. I had a lot of parents text me they had permission to go, we would take a lot of walking field trips to the bank, library, museum, college anywhere we could get to.

Anything you can do to help with picture day. IDK how many times parents have come up to me to hand me money with their child all dressed up, everyone’s excited and proud. Make those moments extra special.

It won’t reach everyone

Like I said, it won’t reach everyone, I will have parents that aren’t on Facebook or don’t have technology or wifi access at home. I still send home paper copies of notices to everyone, but if you have a class of 20-30 students and you reach 17 or 21 of them that’s huge!

I hope you have joined a Facebook Group in some topic you like there are Facebook Groups on everything from knitting to how to build a photography business, to equestrian yoga, to Gardening for Realtors! Tons of Facebook Groups  on teaching!

Maybe you’re not ready to host your own group but you want to join someone else’s group. I think if you join a group you will see why people like Facebook  so much. I can’t say enough about Facebook  then

I feel like part of what gave me the courage to actually go to Paris was being in a Facebook Group full of people who were in Europe and we actually had to create a mastermind within the first 48 hours of taking the class and it was an international group so we had someone in almost every time zone in our group.

There was a woman in California, and me on MST, and someone in Pennsylvania and a guy in Norway or England or a Scandinavian country, and a guy in Singapore who I am still friends with so his daughter would Skype with my class and one in the Philippines. One of the women was going to Italy for a wine tasting and we talk about going back together.

I encourage you to join a Facebook Group I love them, I hope you do. If you are looking for a great one for teachers I can’t recommend Angela Watson’s enough, she only takes people in January and July so get on her list now.

Get your Posting To Facebook Groups for Teachers Cheat Sheet 03



Authentic Teacher Community Facebook Group

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