Paper Bags, Classroom Supplies and more | Facebook Friday Episode 04

How parents can help you in the classroom.

One thing, we got new curriculum books and I put a call out for paper bags and even could a parent come help the students cover them.

We had gotten new curriculum so we had 3 text books each students needed to cover them, so we needed a lot of paper bags to cover those. It was a challenge for me to cover all those books and get my work done. I thought I could maybe do it during the beginning of the years when we are doing all the pre-assessments, phonics screeners, etc, learning what skills are in your classroom.

I assess! I assess! I assess!

Collecting data, data, data, assessing, assessing, assessing, and I thought it I could get all those covers on the books then while I was working at the back, if the students had finished their independent book decorating their textbooks would be a great way for students to:

  1. identify it easier
  2. Be more excited to take it out, like it more because they had decorated it

So it was so helpful to post in the Facebook group a call for paper bags. Did every kid bring a paper bag? No. Did some kids bring in a paper bag full of paper bags? YES!

Just what I needed!

So I got enough books to cover all the books in my classroom to cover all our books by putting a simple post on Facebook!

I know you might think I don’t want one more thing to do, creating a Facebook Group, but I truly believe it will help you not only build relationships with your parents but it will help you by getting parents involved.

A lot of parents want to help, they feel guilty cause they don’t have a lot of time, maybe they don’t have money. Paper bags, easy, doesn’t cost anything, we have a grocery store that only uses paper bags so lots of members of the community have them.

Here are some more suggestions:

Olds socks for dry erasers so you are not wasting tissues etc, recycled plastic bags to send things home with students who don’t have backpacks or forgot their backpack, plastic containers, books for your classroom library students have outgrown, seating options for a nook, magazines, newspapers,

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