Facebook Fridays 06 | Authentic Math Challenge #1 | Halloween Candy Math

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So today I am going to challenge you to come up with an authentic math challenge for your students this weekend to post in your Facebook Group. If you don’t already have a Facebook Group for your parents you can post it wherever you communicate on your school’s website, in email or even send it home in the newsletter or a print version for homework.

Authentic Math Challenge #1

You can use one of these challenges or you can create your own. So along with our October Halloween theme I am posting this challenge that is based on these bags of candy I found on amazon.

MARS Halloween Candy Authentic Math Lesson

MARS Chocolate Favorites Fun Size Candy Bars Variety Mix 33.9-Ounce 60-Piece Bag for $9.94 (29¢/oz)


MARS Chocolate and More Favorites Halloween Candy Variety Mix 95.1-Ounce 250-Piece Bag  https://amzn.to/2IEkv1f

MARS Chocolate and More Favorites Halloween Candy Variety Mix 95.1-Ounce 250-Piece Bag (23¢/oz..)  

Whatever grade you teach there are tons of lessons you can do around Halloween Candy.

Kindergartners can sort candy into piles of 5 or ten. They can add one more, or take away one less.

First graders can do basic subtraction. If I go trick-or-treating and I get 15 candies, and I eat one how many will I have left?

Second graders can practice making piles of even and odds. Students could create maps of even and odd street where they will trick or treat.

Third graders can work on multiplication, building arrays of candy they collected when they were trick-or-treating or drawing blocks where they would go.

Fourth graders can work on dividing bags of candy. Deciding what to get for a class party. If they get a bag with 60 pieces how many will each student in the class get or if their mom is going to make snacks for the class how many grape eyeballs will they need to buy?

Fifth graders can compare bags of candy figuring out how many ounces will each child get if there are 60 pieces for $9.94 or 250 pieces for $21.90 which is a better deal? They can practice rounding, working with decimals, decide how much is the candy per ounce. They could even practice persuasive writing by adding an opinion piece in explaining why someone should buy which bag of candy. 

Sixth graders can plan a carnival and work with a budget to create all sorts of problems. How much should tickets cost. What are the prizes? If there’s a bake sale how much do ingredients cost?

Apple Math

Could you go to the store and take a picture of the apples and talk about if we did a bobbing for apples carnival booth how much would that cost? Can you take a picture of the candy choices at your local supermarket?

Pumpkin Math

How about the price of pumpkins? How much do pumpkins weigh per pound, if you only have $10 how many pumpkins can you buy? What’s the largest pumpkin you can buy?

Party Snacks

If you did the Facebook Challenge last week and picked out some healthy snacks for parents to bring in for your class party have students figure out the cost of ingredients for your favorite snack, how much are bananas or strawberries to make Cat-in-the-Hat fruit kabobs?

So I hope this was helpful today and you are starting to see how easy it is to create an authentic math challenge for your students each weekend.

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