Earth Day Play | Get Out the Vote | Our Congress at Work

This is my get out the vote Earth Day Play. If you would like a copy shoot me an email, I’ll try to get it up on TPT. To listen click here.

But I feel it’s important to know the history of one of our most influential Senators, someone who courageously worked to protect our environment and he’s the reason we have an Earth Day.

I thought you might like to share this with your students. They can make paper plate puppets, of course I have paper Mache puppets I use in my theater, or you can even just read the script together.

I feel like this play really illustrates the good things our government officials do! Senator Gaylord Nelson wanted to protect our natural resources and came up with the idea to create the first Earth Day back in 1970s to help children learn how to protect the planet. He was worried about detergents in the lakes and rivers of his beautiful Wisconsin and also to prevent the spread of DDT.

I found it was often more engaging for my students to read something if they felt they had a part. I think it’s inspiring how our government can work together and pass legislation to make our world a better place.

Hope you enjoy it and remember get out and vote!

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