Facebook Fridays | 52 Facebook Tips for Teachers

So, I have always been thinking starting a blog is so scary, what will I talk about it, how will I ever have time to put out a new post every week? It sounds like this massive never ending project, but lately I have been thinking an episode a week, 52 episodes a year well 52 doesn’t sound that hard, and 13 a quarter sounds even easier.

Like I could do that in 4 days. 13 a day. 4 days in a row, 4 days a year? 4 days once a month for 4 months?

I’m gonna start right now and see how many tips I can come up with off the bat.

One thing I would like to say in the beginning is that I ran my first parent Facebook group last year and I never posted pictures of students I just posted updates and that was plenty. I did message individual parents with pics of just their student butI didn’t post pictures of kids. It was still an amazing way to keep in touch with parents.

These are not going to be in any particular order yet.

  1. Start a private facebook group for your parents.
  2. start a private fb group for your team if they want one this will not work if everyone is not on fb.?
  3. remember the power is in the comment
  4. post pngs of notices flyers, or updates of anythings happening in your classroom or at school – examples, family literacy nights, field trips, picture day, afterschool activities.
  5. Ask for paper bags and maybe even a parent helper to cover books!
  6. post weekend math challenges
  7. post weekend math challenges
  8. post ideas for holiday parties to encourage parents to help in the classroom
  9. post pictures of anchor charts off Pinterest you want in the classroom and ask parents if they have a student who wants to create them – counts as extra credit for homework
  10. Ask for students to create bully prevention posters
  11. post links to
  12. post pictures of books students are reading
  13. post review work
  14. post youtube videos
  15. post math websites like Khan academy, IXL, etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrxZWNu72WI&feature=youtu.be
  16. include other staff members who are on Facebook and interact with students like TAs, Specialists, bus drivers, custodians, admin and secretaries – encourage them to post things going on for students
  17. share the schools website
  18. post when safety is a concern  and reach parents immediately. Last year during an evacuation I was able to post all students are SAFE, OK, and there is nothing to worry about and parents were notified immediately in an instant.
  19. post pictures of manips or lessons your creating for next week to build excitement
  20. post pictures of supplies students are running short of
  21. put out requests for snacks
  22. put out requests for help with a project
  23. recognize parents share shoutouts to parents who do a good job
  24. post invitations to parent
  25. share school closures like snow days or construction interuptions
  26. share other teachers news
  27. share library news
  28. early out
  29. looking for parents to help at christmas
  30. parents for culuture day
  31. tech day
  32. pin important notices
  33. remind parents grades are due and when last day to hand in missing assignments is
  34. share notes
  35. remind parents to send students to bed early or eat a healthy meal before testing week
  36. let parents know about club activities
  37. share review projects like ss
  38. post youtube videos of science projects you know your students will like
  39. post reminders to send snow clothes during winter – it might not assure 100% but it will helps quite a few
  40. post links to healthy snack idea from pinterest or your favorite teaching blogs
  41. post videos about things your doing over the weekend your students would be interested in
  42. post reviews of books you like
  43. post pictures of bulletin boards in the classroom highlighting student work just make sure there are no names showing
  44. post reminders for school bank or to bring pe shoes the night before PE
  45. post calendars with dates for upcoming weeks especially around the holidays or end of school year – remember many parents have students in multiple grades so include info for other classrooms when relevant
  46. post requests for chaperones
  47. post spirit week reminders
  48. post reminders of parents signature pages required like field trip permissions slips or internet and handbook forms
  49. spelling test words and reminders
  50. recipes
  51. class pet info and updates
  52. flyers for nearby events at local sites like museums, the library and community colleges
  53. post job fair links for parents
  54. read a book on Facebook live over the holidays to show your students you miss them and are thinking of them
  55. share a link to your favorite song or artist
  56. basketball workouts before the big game
  57. Leprechaun traps and valentines boxes
  58. Dr. Seuss day ideas
  59. math patterns
  60. writing samples
  61. January 2017 created group


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