Are you DREADING the coming School year?

Are you dreading the coming school year?

Does your child need more confidence in school?

Are you worried your student is falling further behind each year?

Then I’d like you to attend my free live webinar to see how you as a parent can help your child now so they have more success this fall!


You’ll learn 3 strategies you can implement starting today to help your child improve their vocabulary, text fluency and comprehension.

You’ll have a plan to help your child gain confidence on the first day.

And you’ll learn about opportunities to help your child at home or in school for the rest of the year and life.

Join me, Jackie Marie Beyer, founder of Authentic Learner, and let’s help your child succeed in school today!


Just sign up here

and you will get an pdf of 3 effective strategies to implement today, an invite to my next live webinar (recorded replays are available for 24 hours after)



and a plan to get your child started to a future so bright they’ll have to wear shades!

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