Three tips to build your child’s confidence this school year | Episode 10 of the Authentic Teacher Podcast Audioblog

Is your child anxious about the coming school year?

Would you like to send them back with more confidence?

Give your child the chance for their best school year ever!

1. Read with your child!

I have heard a lot of parents asking me lately should they correct their child on every word when they are reading? Or if their child substitutes a simpler word when reading like car for automobile but it doesn’t change the context.

I believe your should read books that are :

At your child’s appropriate reading level.

If your child can’t read 19/20 words on a page the book is too difficult for independent reading. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it it means you should help your child sound out any words, encourage them for their effort, let them jump in anywhere they want and let them stop or take a break when tired. This is reading for enjoyment.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t believe your child should engage in daily word study using a scientifically researched DIRECT INSTRUCTION Reading program or curriculum with a qualified teacher.

Direct Explicit Systematic Instruction

I think explicit phonics in a systematic and sequential order is essential for any struggling reader in a small supportive group of five or less students is best.

Reading should take place in a safe and fun environment.

2. Explore Different Genres

Informative, narrative, historical fiction, fantasy, and biographies, poetry!

For students to develop a love of learning the need to read all sorts of texts.

And nothing will help build their vocabulary more then reading for pleasure. I believe students should feel free to make mistakes, try challenging words, and have the chance to pass.

I also believe students learn best when teaching others and from their peers which is why I support small group learning when possible.

So head to the library, download an audiobook or check out a great podcast today!

3. Model Reading

Inspire your child by sharing a passion for reading yourself. Even if you don’t love reading play reading games together, make up stories and video tape them, language is one of the first blocks to reading so helping your child express themselves and again will help build their vocabulary! Develop a family podcast, create videos or trailers in iMovie or your child’s favorite video editing software.

What do you love? Golf? Cars? Cooking? Music? Rodeo? Football? Find any kind of text – magazines, books, your weekly newspaper full of community events! Or can you create a documentary or sports show.

Or check out storyonline with your student. But sharing the story together will help your child.

Reading with your child for fun doesn’t have to mean sitting down.

Just like 15 push-ups a day will build muscles reading for five minutes of fun reading will add up and I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Here’s a couple of videos that teach you how to read with your child.


The three steps you can take today to help your child are:

1. Partner read with your child to inspire them with challenging texts in a safe fun encouraging environment.

2. Read a variety of texts that you and your child are passionate about.

3. Share your passion by making it fun while modeling for your child!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy reading with your child?

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