Authentic Learner Podcast launching soon!

So, today I started recording the new Authentic Learner Podcast!

And I am proud to announce the Authentic Learner Podcast is launching soon! Sing a song, listen to a story and compete in our daily math challenge and you can have fun learning right along with us!

My plan is it will start with a song, have a warm up math lesson, and we’ll listen to a story each day! I hope you will join us and have fun!

I have found a few fun podcasts I can’t hardly resist these days! And I hope this becomes one of those!

And I also thought this will solve my problem of how to teach Happy Counting etc on video. So get ready here’s my first shownotes for the Minute To Win It Math Challenge!

5 Minute to Win it Math Challenges

So, each day there will be 5 minute to win it math challenges, then a chance to go pretend shopping and count coins, and a time question. These are all best practices in helping students develop NUMBER SENSE.

Just like we need students to develop automaticity recognizing letters and sounds, we need students to have automaticity in numbers. Completing these five exercises every day will help your child have exponential growth in the classroom. Listen along with your child and as long as they are following along correctly they can enter to win a prize.

If it seems your child needs extra practice, play the game throughout the day in short bursts. Remember a minute has a powerful impact. You can also visit Montana Bear School and your child can practice along with the other bears.

Happy Counting

We will start on the number 0 today and count by ones. I will play my harmonica to signal when you go up when you count down, when you vibrate- go back and forth between two numbers, and when to quit.

After you have learned the signals, count along with Mrs. Beyer. It will seem easy and challenging at first all at the same time, but trust me, within a week or so, you should be mastering the skills and gaining fluency moving from number to number. The systematic flow will help your child master their numbers in a consistent order. Your child will grow along with the program as skills get more difficult and gain in confidence as they master math facts and concepts.

I Have You Have

You can see a video of Monkey learning how to participate in the fun game I have You Have here. Students frequently missed these pre-algebra fill in the blank questions.

To start the answer will always be 10.

So, I will say, “I have 9, then you know you have 1, because 9 + 1 = 10.”

I’ll say,

“I have 8, you have ____ and the student fills in the blank, and we will  play for a minute.


Next comes You Have, I Have

This was very challenging for my fourth graders I will note but they did get the hang of it after a lot of practice. It’s basically just subtraction but it seemed to really confuse them.

Then we skip count.

The first day we are simply going to start at 0 and count on by 2s but trust me right away on day 2 counting by 2s starting at the number 1, will be a challenge.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9, …

And last we will do

Happy Countdown.

Right now we will just start at 100 and count back by ones, but I guarantee it will get more complicated as the days go on and when we get to counting down by 10’s we will start at 1000, so

1000, 990, 980, 970, 960, 950…

999, 989, 979, 969, 959, 949…


I know many students really struggle with coins and money, and so this serves two purposes because it teaches coin and place value as well as number sense!

We will start with 5 pennies and add a penny a day. Students can decide to spend their money or save it.

The first question is:

You have 5 pennies or 5¢. Which item can you buy?

A. bubblegum for 15¢

B. a teeny, tiny tootsie roll for a nickel.

C. a metallic sticker for 75¢

D. a bouncy ball for 50¢

Remember a nickel is worth 5¢

Students should then choose do they want the tootsie roll, to save the money, or buy it as a gift for someone they care about.


I know students struggle to answer the schedule questions on the SBACs and can use practice telling time through upper elementary school.

So today’s time lesson starts explaining how the hours on a clock go from 12am-11:59pm. Then the question of the day is:

If you get up at 7am and have to be at school at 8am. How long to do you have to get to school?

1 hour.

To be notified when the podcast launches and the challenges are read sign up here!


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