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We all know Halloween is just around the corner. I remember when I first started teaching, I used to think Halloween was so far away at the beginning of October but really you only have 20 teaching days and you want to start getting those Halloween activities and decorations in and up or you will miss it.

Fall Holidays

Right after Halloween you’re gonna go right into Thanksgiving. To me it seems like you have all these activities in the fall, and then you come back after Christmas and then nothing… maybe President’s day or if you celebrate Martin Luther King Day? Valentines or possibly Easter? But not much for that long spring.

Let go of your inner control freak

But anyway you have a lot going on so the Facebook Group is a great way to reach out to  parents for holiday help. I am really gonna encourage you to let go of your inner control freak, IDK what to call it, I know most teachers are control freaks, we like to control our classrooms, another thing I am going to talk about down the line is anchor charts. I know I like my handwriting, I like it big, I like it neat, organized, easy for the kids to see but giving up control.

This was my book I used and the pics I posted in my Facebook group last year:


Halloween School Parties . . . What Do I Do? (What Do I Do?)

If you can get a parent to run your party, if you can get a parent to come up with a theme, if you can get a parent to do any of that, I guarantee you, give them that power, let it go, and trust that they are gonna do a good job.

Communicate • Communicate • Communicate

On the flip side, make sure you keep communicating you stay on it because parents are busy and you don’t want the day of the party to come and nothing be there. Sometimes they can be over ambitious and then not follow through, or something comes up, an emergency, so here’s a great example of why a Facebook Group can help. That’s the great thing about Facebook is you are able to connect, parents can message you.

What I really liked about Facebook was I could go on Pinterest and find things I liked and find nutritious snacks and post them in the Facebook Group and then somebody could just say oh, I’ll do that. They might say, I’m gonna make this or that, or they would say I am going to make this and they would post it.

Nutritious Snack Ideas for Classroom Halloween Parties

I’m big on nutritious snacks like Ritz Crackers with peanut butter and pretzel stick legs with raisin eyes, or the eyeballs with the frozen grapes in them. You are always gonna have sugar snacks, I have never told parents you can’t bring cupcakes etc. I have been blessed and never had a child with a peanut allergy.

I know teachers who do and have seen posts about entire schools that don’t allow nuts but my husband’s a baker so I get signatures on the first day of school for any new students that say, yes my child can have nuts because I bring in a lot of cookies with walnuts or pecans, peanut butter thumbprints with kisses etc. We know walnuts are so good for kids, walnuts is one of the few sources of natural CoQ10, and I know it’s really good for you.

So if you even just search for healthy snacks on Pinterest, I’m finding all these cute things, there’s a butterfly with grapes and goldfish, Nutella and banana sushi, these cute Cat – In – The – Hat Fruit kabobs.

Pick out a few of your favorites. This is where I say let go of your control.  Your parents might do one of the ones you want or make things they see when they click on the link. For me, the years when I had the Facebook Group I got much better healthier snacks. The one thing that drove me crazy was when the kids got to school in a panic without a snack and had to call their parents.

Here’s the cutest little snail. 

You can also reduce phone calls home if you can say, don’t worry your mom just texted me or messaged me and she’s on her way. I could use a solution for this, I always felt I had to answer messages right away, a lot of time it was make sure my child gets on the bus, or tell them to walk home, or I’m picking them up don’t let them get on the bus, or if they were checking up on their child because I called home and said they had a sore throat that morning. etc.

This was also one of my favorite Halloween books I made a giant cardboard Mr. Frank and Dr. Ware that we used over and over year after year.


Ghoul School: A Wickedly Scary Pop-Up Book

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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