Halloween Poetry Challenge | Granny • The Jabberwocky | Trick Or Treat

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For me October and Halloween is all about poetry. I know I talked a lot about decorations etc on the Facebook Friday episode but I am going to challenge you to have a poetry theme for the month of October.

Halloween Poetry

Granny ~ read by me first and then at the end you can actually here my mom read it.

The Jabberwocky

and then there’s a poem from the poetry foundation about school I think you will love. Check out these other great poems from their site. 

I hope I have inspired you to embrace Halloween Poems in your classroom because it’s a great time to build authentic learning into your classroom using your authentic voice. Don’t worry about your students laughing at you as you read these poems, they will love your voice.

Trick Or Treat Bags

Also, I always had these little trick or treat bags I found at the thrift store when I first moved to Montana and so when you come to my house on Halloween you have to do a trick to receive a treat. I would also bring these into school and share at grade level or leadership team meetings or just with other teachers in my school. So fun!

Some trick ideas are: Cackle like a witch, howl like a wolf, say boo like a ghost, dance like a skeleton, hoot like an howl. I would also have jokes or riddles and then some blank ones that just say treat!

Here’s some great sites with jokes for kids:

Halloween Humor

Halloween Jokes

Spooky Kids Jokes

Halloween Traditions

So my challenge to you is to create a poetry theme for October and inspire your students to enjoy the many fun rhymes of the season and to create some rhymes or poems of their own! If you have ever had kids you know they love to do Halloween related projects any time of year! What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?



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